Superfxchip's Music Stand

Busking the strip, near the corner of the

Thanks for takin' the time to listen to me play you sounds, from the depths o' my soul, for your listening pleasure. Stop a while, hear a number or two. (More soon.)

Songs and Pieces

Ynos [mp3] (8-bit NES/GB inspired loop) Hosted @ Yesterweb
Robot Jones School Dance Beat cover [mp3]
Magicant (Lite Cover over Korg Minilogue) [mp3]
Nutra's Theme Devo Cover [wav]

>check out my new ep "VGC v1.0" also available on SC (Link in Yesterweb cap)

VGCv1.0 Album Cover [png]
Constant State of Play [ogg]
Feeling Down [ogg]
King Koopa [ogg]
Smokers Cough [ogg]

You can also find me here off hours.

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Travel Stop (Station)
~The Fleet~ (Flounder)
Vault (Yesterweb)


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